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Soft Plush squeaky Toy dog stuffed toy crinkle material

Why you Should buy Soft Plush squeaky Toy dog stuffed toy crinkle material?


  • GREAT COMPANION FOR DOGS: Squeaky dog stuffed toy not only specializes in long-lasting and entertaining toys for pets, but we aim to give a warm companion to our own favorite companions our sweet dogs. We can’t be with our puppies 24/7, so these fun toys can help keep them satisfied.
  • SQUEAKY FROM HEAD TO TOE: The head of the toys has squeakers built-in and the body highlights crinkle paper that will arouse a dog’s attention. Brand-New and refined material of the body that can stretch out for extra fun and active playtime with your dog, while offering an authentic chewing feeling.
  • THICK POLYESTER CORDUROY: It makes these toys much softer yet durable. With their rapidly striking looks, these toys are bound to attract your dogs’ attention at first sight. Small tip: the more your pets love these toys, the more quickly they may wear them out. They’ll never be lonely again.
  • UNIQUE AND IMPROVED MATERIAL: Are perfect for breeds that are not very vigorous chewers. The body can be stretched up to 21.25 inches and combines a level of interaction with your furry companion. Just let these familiar toys keep your puppy working and chewing for hours.
  • SIZE & PACKING: Each pack includes two different 18-inch-long squeak toys in two different character themes. Six various styles of animal (Rhinoceros & Raccoon, Giraffe & Monkey, and Fox & Cow) will spoil you and your puppy for choice. You can even share one with a neighbor or a friend – We know pets.


  1. High-quality chewing toy: The product is of great quality and long-lasting. Pets can clean their teeth when they are chewing them. Besides, its material is waterproof. Enjoy the fun of playing.
  2. Squeaky Toy: It will produce a loud crisp sound when you touch it and its ears were built of crinkle paper, so as it can bring dogs to chew it for reducing boredom.
  3. Interactive Toy: When the pet is lonely at home, our playthings will be their most loyal partner. The exterior design of Fox will bring the dog’s interesting, bite-resistant knots that allow dogs to chew as much as they like, so pet parents don’t have to worry that dogs will break the furniture at home.
  4. Lightweight object: Squeaky plaything formed of soft and lightweight plush, blended textures design chew more easily, and it is easy to throw it out for a fetching game with your pets.


  • Item Type: Soft Plush squeaky Toy
  • Material: Cotton
  • Toys Type: Chew Toys
  • Features: dog toys, chewing toys, cotton toys, animal shape toys, pet toys

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