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Pet Hair Remover Brush Roller dog cat hair cleaning brush

Why you should buy Pet Hair Remover Brush Roller dog cat hair cleaning brush?


  • A WONDERFUL GIFT FOR PET OWNER: This is often a pet hair roller remover that you simply ne’er had before. It’ll with efficiency close up all types of pet hair from your sofas, couches, beds, carpets, blankets, comforters, and more. It’s convenient and straightforward. You do not have to be compelled to tear the paper any longer. It sturdy and ne’er breaks in use. This pet hair remover, once you’ve got used it, you will throw away your lint roller.
  • REUSABLE PET HAIR REMOVER: merely roll back and forth on the furnishings surface, develop the pet hair, open the lid and you’ll realize the bin is choked with pet hair and also the furnishings is clean like before. Empty the waste compartment and lose the pet hair within the trash. With 100% reusable pet hair lint roller, now not waste cash on refills or batteries. Efficient product for pet hair removal.
  • ONE ROLLER to wash MOST FURNITURE: The dog hair remover roller may be used on most furnishings like cotton, linen, and also the wool surface of the house. Utterly clean your furnishings by rolling back and forth many times. DELOMO pet fur and lint remover can bring a hair-less home to you.
  • CONVENIENT TO CLEAN: This pet fur remover might use daily. Note: you may not wash the comb surface directly with water. Instead, use a soft towel that’s soak with water or artificial detergent to wash the comb surface. a similar applies to wash the bin. Then you will find that your pet hair remover is as clean as new.
  • SOLID, sturdy PET HAIR ROLLER: sturdy nylon and ABS plastic make sure the sturdiness of the pet hair removal roller. If you’ve got cats, dogs, or any hairy pets, this hair remover roller is what you’re waiting for! Whenever & where you employ it, your DELOMO pet hair removal roller can work as nice because the day you obtain it.


  • The Pet Hair Remover Brush may be forth and back moved to wash the pet hair cleanly. The roller form and humanized handle style build it straightforward to control the pet hair remover. No advanced operation method, the pet hair remover is labor-saving and straightforward to use.
  • No downside with replacement and power demand, press the button to wash the container’s hair, and so the pet hair remover may use once more. You are doing not ought to amendment the battery or sticker oftentimes like different product. The pet hair remover is eco-friendly and economical.
  • The Pet Hair Remover Brush comes with a seven.47*2.75inch (L*W) brush head and a four.72inch handle is compact and light-weight, which cannot occupy abundant cupboard space, and is transportable. There’s 2 cut cat ear form style on the comb head that is cute and fascinating.
  • The pet hair remover adopts high-quality ABS and nylon material that is wear-resistant and may use for an extended time.
  • The dog shedding brush is appropriate for the hair of a cat or dog, whose sturdy cleanability will take away the pet hair effectively from the seat, bed, carpet, cloth, etc.


  • Material: ABS + nylon fabric
  • Color: white and red
  • Brush head size: 19*7cm/ 7.47*2.75inch(L*W)
  • Handle length: 12cm/4.72inch

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