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Pet Cleaning Teeth Toy Multifunctional

Why you Should buy Pet Cleaning Teeth Toy Multifunctional?


Do you have a headache because your dog is biting things reception, but you do not know what to do? Are you worried about your dog’s wayward behavior, but you cannot affect it?

The most effective way is to hunt out alternatives and punctiliously guide them.

Our non-toxic, bite-proof toy ball ensures your dog can play and chew safely and is extremely easy to scrub.

  • 【 High-Quality Material】: Our toy ball and sucker body are made from environmentally friendly, safe, non-hazardous, and chewy materials. These are safe for your cute dog. The rope is formed of high-density bite-resistant material, which is durable and indestructible. It won’t be broken if you correctly guide your lovely dog to use and chew it, which may last for an extended time. Great quality!
  • 【Ideal design】: Our fresh bite toy features a 360-degree TPR particle cleaner round the perimeter that effectively cleans teeth and improves breath problems and respiratory health in dogs. Strong new suction cups hold chewing toys in place, interact with the force of the dog’s bite, and keep the dog in check. Additionally, pet food is often pour into the dog, attracting the interest of the dog at the same time to urge the food, while removing tartar and plaque. Great value!
  • Super Interactive Toy Dog : Powerful suction cups can fix to smooth floors, doors, and glass. Start a fun tug of war between the owner and therefore the dog, which can increase the dog’s interest. When the toy ball is shaking, the built-in bell will make a sound within the sound, effectively attracting the puppy’s interest and increasing the fun of interaction. Dogs biting toys also can help eliminate boredom and stop destructive behavior. Keep your dog far away from boredom. Great Fun!
  • Reduce bad behavior: Are you continue to worry about your dog being alone at home? Spend the time of boredom, lessen anxiety and stress, and make your dog’s life more fulfilling. Our dog toys effectively help your dog release excess energy and stop bad behavior because of long-term boredom. It can develop a dog’s enthusiasm, bring you closer to the dog, boost a pet’s intelligence, and unleash its sensations.
  • Usage Scenario : Before you select this product, it’s necessary to inform you that the sucker of this toy is suitable for performing on smooth surfaces (such as ceramic tile surface and glass surface); Not suitable for rough surfaces (e.g., wood flooring, textured walls). we all know that dog behavior is unpredictable, so if you’ve got any questions please contact us, and that we are going to be happy to answer your questions.


  1. Built of food-grade TPR materials, non-toxic environmentally friendly, secure, and reliable to your love pet.
  2. Great bouncy: When threw the ball hits the lowest, it’ll bounce high, suitable to play within the yard, home, park, or shore. It also does motivate pets’ hunting sense to insanely chasing this ball, so can better training pet agility.
  3. Multifunctional: It is often a fun toy, also can be a tooth brushing toy. Help to urge obviate the plaque and tartar, reduce the breeding of bacteria, keep teeth clean and freshen the breath.
  4. Soft surface designed to be safe for your dog’s gums.
  5. With this, your cat won’t bite the couch and other furniture anymore. Note: Suitable for the dog but 18Kg.


  • Item Type: Pet Cleaning Teeth Toy
  • Material: PVC
  • Size: 40 x 10 cm / 15.75 x 3.94 inch

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Toy

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