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Pet Cat Bouncy Ball Colorful Handmade Bouncy Ball Kitten Toys Plush Bell Ball

Pet Cat Toy Colorful Handmade Bouncy Ball Plush Bell Toy Planet Ball Cat Interactive Toy:

Here’s why you should buy Colorful Ball Toy for your Pet?

  • Suitable for Cats & Kitten Indoor Play, Interactive, Catch and Independent Play.
  • The colorful, high visibility colors will successfully fascinate your cat’s curiosity.
  • The jingle sound of cat toy ball will make your kitten go crazy when playing.
  • Naturally active cats, especially kittens, they like playing with soft ball toy. In some cases, you can’t play together with your lovely pets. Buying some toys for your pets are going to be the simplest choice to keep your pets busy.
  • Release Cat’s Energy, Stabilize their Nervous Emotion, increasing their Movement to realize Weight Loss and Keep Fit Healthy.
  • Your kitten will enjoy hours of fun while twiddling with these cat toys with bells, chewing, chasing, scratching, catching, they will not be bored.


  • Material-These Soft Bouncy Toy balls are made from high-quality plush materials, soft and elastic, which is suitable for pet bites and play, harmless to pets. Similarly, it’s safe, durable, lightweight, soft and noise free. They don’t break anything they hit, and that they won’t crack.
  • Special– Different with other cat interactive ball, the designer use the built-in bells. It can catch the cat’s attention in terms of hearing. When your cat play the ball, it will bring the excitement in three aspects: Sight, Hearing and Touch.
  • Interactive Play-The cat interactive ball uses plush woven into rough surface. When the cat bites and plays the ball, it’ll get a special touch from other balls. It can increase interest in playing. The cat will be happy to play the ball with you. This will help to improve your relationship with the cat.
  • Light and Good Looking Design– The bright color matching brings outstanding attraction. When you are away, cats can play toy balls alone to consume their energy and reduce the urge to destroy furniture.
  • Safe and Durable: The cat rolling ball is formed of plush material, non-toxic to use, helping your pets to play during a healthier way; Durable enough in order that the sisal ball is safe for your pets to chew and may be applied for an extended period of your time.
  • Good gift for your Pets: The cat toy rolling ball are going to be an honest gift for your pets; Your pets can reduce damage to furniture and feel less lonely when you aren’t home when twiddling with cat toy ball and if you play with it using the cat sisal ball, it’ll help strengthen the bond between you and your cat.


  • Product name: Pet Cat Bouncy Ball Colored plush bell ball
  • Product material: Plush
  • Weight:  Approx. 7gm
  • Applicable: Cat

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