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Pet Cat Litter Mat Toilet

Why you should buy Pet Cat Litter Mat Toilet?


Folding Double facet Waterproof Cat Mat Kitten Litter Pad Trash huntsman Non-Slip EVA shield Floor Feeding Mats Beds

  • Anti following EZ Open Edge Litter Mat: Double-layer honeycomb-style helps you gather the litter. You simply develop the mat and every one the litter falls through and so dump it back within the litter box to build its utilization.
  • Waterproof/Urine Proof Mat: very cheap layer is waterproof and additionally slip-resistant which cannot enable any liquid to travel through and is simple to maneuver. If you’ve got cat vomit on the mat, you’ll hose it off, simple to scrub and be dry.
  • Easy Clean drip-dry Litter Mat: litter box mat is build of sentimental sturdy and drip-dry EVA. Dirt may remove simply. You don’t get to sweep up or vacuum the litter each day. Save time and strength!! Plastic cat mats got to use a vacuum to scrub cat litter and still cannot totally cleanse.
  • Soft on Paws & simple to unleash Litter: nice litter tack mat, comfy on tender paws. Our soft EVA material is light for sensitive cat paws. Cats even wish to step or have a day snooze on that. Double layers enable litter to be shift and gather very cheaply. Shaking gently may unleash litter simply.
  • Premium Durability: Considering cats wish to scratch, our mat is build of laborious material, robust and sturdy. We have a tendency to square measure proud that we offer you a tricky and long cat litter mat product.


  • New kitten merchandise, EVA cat litter mat, cat pads, folding double-sided cat litter pad.
  • It is made from sturdy and non-toxic EVA.
  • Double color and double facet, either side may use.
  • The concave-convex style will effectively clamp the litter on the cat’s paw, stop the dirty floor and keep it clean.
  • It may be plicate and a lot of versatile and is appropriate for indoor and outside applications.
  • Large stampede space, appropriate for every kind of cat.
  • Can use as a moisture-proof cushion, soft and cozy.
  • It is simple to scrub and may be washed or cleaned with water directly.
  • Durable, clean, medicine, no distortion, no fading.
  • It may also be used as a cushion for traveling.
  • A lot of obtaining litter stuck to my feet on a daily basis!
  • Giant holes square measure giant enough to catch and lure litter.
  • Appropriate for countless kinds of litter, and clay boxes, hooded, self-cleaning litter boxes.
  • Shield your hardwood floors and carpets from nasty stains. Stop the cat’s from obtaining all over.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Cat Litter Mat Toilet

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