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3-In-1 Pet Laser Pointer Cat Laser Toy USB Rechargeable Red Dot Laser Light Cat Chaser Stick Interactive Laser Pen Pointer

Cat Laser Toy

Cat Laser Toy Pet Laser Pointer


1. Many function modes :

Red light cat mode has one red dot, four patterns blue light banknote detection mode white light emergency lighting mode.

2. Interact with the cat :

Point the red light pattern at the wall, floor, and let the cat decide to capture the elusive prey. Your cat can play for hours without becoming bored.

3. Convenient charging :

No got to buy a battery and no additional cord for charging. Through the planning of the built-in charging module within the USB port, you’ll directly connect the USB interface on the Computer , Mobile power, Mobile charger, Car charger, etc. It is often charged for 1.5 hours, and cats are often an hour or two each day for free of charge.

4. Ultra-long distance light :

Red light is often projected to quite 100 feet indoors. With this cat toy, you’ll sit on the couch and interact together with your cat without having to frolic.

5. Light switch :

You can select different colors of sunshine by pushing the button switch. In red light mode, you’ll adjust different patterns by turning the knob.

About Charging:

1. Red light means charging

2. Green or Blue light means full charge


  • Item Type: Cat Laser Toy
  • Color: silver
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Sized out length11.8*diameter1.8cm
  • 3 Modes of lights are Red light, white flashlight, and UV light
  • LED life: 50,000 hours
  • Battery Type: USB charge
  • Output Power: 5mw Passed the (IEC), SAFE FOR PETS

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